Nina Constable
Motion Graphics | Videography | Design


Freelance work for PUMC. The script was rewritten which called for a new animation that I was more than happy to undertake. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how my animation and style has improved since the old version was posted! This is the FINAL DRAFT of the updated version!

Freelance work for PUMC. The script was rewritten which called for a new animation which I was more than happy to undertake. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how my animation and style has improved since the old version was posted! This is the ROUGH DRAFT of the updated version!

I decided to do a kinetic typography animation of my favorite scene from Winnie the Pooh. This project gave me a lot of practice with text animators and designing meaningful text animation.

A mock Porsche 911 ad I made putting together clips I found and adding my own motion graphic design and text to spice things up. I wanted all three descriptive words to start with D so I came up with "Red Dot Design, Dependable, and Ready to Dash" because Porsche is all of these things! I arranged the clips based on their respective descriptor word (i.e. following "Dependable" is Porsche's wet mode to increase traction on slippery roads). My motion design elements include masking transitions, motion tracking text, gradient, light effects, and text and object animation. I also did some of my own sound design for the last section. Video Clips Used:

More practice with masks, text animators, and glitch effect. I chose Arizona because I used to live there and I miss it! (minus the deadly heat haha).
Experimental mock promo video of a few of my favorite calisthenics / cross fit athletes. I enjoyed exploring more of AE's cool effects, shape animators, and more! DISCLAIMER I do NOT own the photo / workout video content in this project. Athletes Featured: Michael Eckert Chris Heria Diamond Ott Demi Bagby Pedro Fortes
More mock broadcast graphics / TV bumper experimentation.
In the style of a broadcast animation.
Kinetic typography experimentation, especially with range selector.

Kinetic typography experimentation, especially with track mattes.

Center for Career Development on Demand website promotional video.

Center for Career Development on Demand promotional video for grad school prep.

Infographic advertising Preferred Utilities’ Preferred Cloud Platform Monitoring System. ***OLD VERSION, please see updated version at top!!!! This old version was made over 6 months ago, and as you can see with the new version posted recently my motion design has definitely improved :0

The difference between a resume and CV.
2D animation of a product being developed by Dr. Larry Silbart. 3D animation by Thomas Carter and Joseph Luciani.
Animation showing how the lac operon works under the presence/absence of lactose and glucose. Illustration by Vanessa Fitzcordoba Animation by Nini Constable Created for the BIO 1107 laboratory course Scientific expertise and guidance by Dr. Chris Malinoski and JD Tamucci Created in Scientific Visualization, an Art & Art History and Digital Media & Design co-listed course taught by Anna Lindemann and Virge Kask University of Connecticut 2018
This video introduces “The Legacy of a Lifetime of Collecting: The Carl & Marian Rettenmeyer Story,” an interactive exhibit inspired by a remarkable natural history collection of army ants and their hundreds of closely associated organisms, or "guests." The collection was assembled over the course of 50 years of fieldwork in South and Central America by the late Carl and Marian Rettenmeyer. Visitors to the exhibit journey from collecting army ants in the jungle to preserving specimens in the Biodiversity Research Collection facility. Through experiences designed for touch-interactive screens, visitors can observe army ant swarm raids in the jungle, notate field card observations, examine slides in the collection with a digital microscope, study specimens in Cornell drawers, and explore the life-work of Carl and Marian Rettenmeyer through an interactive timeline. The exhibit was created through a close collaboration between the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History ( and the University of Connecticut’s Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ( and Digital Media & Design (, which came together as one of a number of multi-disciplinary endeavors across our campus, now known as “AntU” ( The exhibit was designed to travel to multiple locations to share the wonders of the complex biological system of army ants and their guests with as broad a spectrum of audiences as possible. For additional information about this exhibit email CREDITS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Biodiversity Research Collections : Jane O’Donnell, Geert Goemans, Elizabeth Barbeau, Janine Caira, Bernard Goffinet Connecticut State Museum of Natural History : Collin Harty, Leanne Kennedy Harty, Janine Caira Department of Digital Media & Design AntU Traveling Exhibit Course : Instructors : Anna Lindemann, Michael Toomey Students : Ali Betlej, Thomas Carter, Nini Constable, Rae Enzie, Corlis Fraga, Allie Marsh, Jacob Rodier, Ali Sailer, Sarah Shattuck, Helena Sirken Exhibit Fabrication : Collin Harty Exhibit Digital Media Art Direction : Anna Lindemann Exhibit Coding : Michael Toomey Carl and Marian Rettenmeyer Illustrations : Helena Sirken Exhibit Photography : Paul Bertner, Elizabeth Barbeau, Charlene Fuller Video : Christian Partenio, Tyler Shuster, Rebecca Rosen, Anna Lindemann Special thanks to the National Science Foundation Collections in Support of Biological Research Program and the University of Connecticut Provost’s Office Academic Plan Competition. © 2019
Team of Two Project for Student Agency highlighting ATION's process to delivering exceptional content to its clients. Collab with Katie Sawosik.

Christmas animation for Motion Graphics final.